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May 18, 2017

Hey! Right out of the gate things got weird, we talked about some breaking news involving local D bag Sheriff David Clarke and his move to the dept. of homeland security then bam! Power goes out, which is odd for this building..but thankfully the computer saved what we had, and we moved on like champs. Ok, on to the topics of the week.

-David Clarke to Homeland security?

-Jim Bakker, some religious guy said some god stuff (crazy old man)

-Baby ducks in DC get a tiny ramp to help them in and out of the pond..and a republican feels the need to point out the waste of money

-Tim Allens Last Man Standing gets cancelled, and old white people everywhere are super mad about it. 

-The WannaCry virus, or malware, or things

-Steve Harvey, you  don't want to look him in the eye. 

-YouTube comment game!