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Jan 31, 2017

So many executive orders!

Sean Spicer is just awful

Doomsday Clock

Climate change

Killing Bigfoot

Jan 23, 2017

So we get that politics may not be your thing..totally cool and understand, but this episode is politics crazy in the first half. If it's something you'd like to skip, jump to min 38 and enjoy the weird news side of the break. K? cool.

- Bye Josh Earnest

- Meet the new boss

- Womens March

- Hello Sean Spicer


Jan 16, 2017

Meryl Streep

Trumps first press conference went well, nothing to talk about there

Pres. Obamas farewell speech

Joe Biden Metal of Freedom

Alec Baldwin still killing it on SNL

The Hollyweed sign guy update

Ringling brothers are calling it quits

Space X is back at it, yeah science!!

Jan 9, 2017

- Swearing childrens toys

- Drunk Milwaukee police

- Air port shooting

- Trump tweets

- 2016 was the hottest ever!