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Jul 30, 2018

Talkin all kinds of nonsense this week!

- Nude yoda

- Comic Con things, Start Trek Discovery / The Orville

- Why network TV sucks

- Water on Mars!

- I actually forgot what else we talked about...huh, ahh well. 



Jul 22, 2018

Hi, how are you? Good good...ok, enough small talk. 

- Would Russia? Wouldn't Russia? 

- Floida or somewhere else?

- Amazon outage causes all kinds of problems

- Yeah Science! Jupes has a few more moons!


Jul 15, 2018

Hey there! In this weeks edition of "On Random, The Talkie bits" ....

- Englands World Cup hopes are crushed

- The Thai Soccer team is rescued! Thank science!

- RIP Baked bean dog, you were a very good boy. 

- Sarah Palin, idiot.

- Random music news

- Florida man is at it again. 

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Jul 7, 2018

Hey there! Hope everyone had a great 4th, and to our UK listeners..thanks for giving us the reason to day drink during the middle of the week. You guys are alright. 

Here's some random topics we discussed during the show. 

Our local 4th parade, it sucked. It always sucks, not sure why we expected any different.