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Feb 29, 2016

-Erics a hero

-Flossie is not into being interviewed at 110 years old

-Hows ya D hangin?

-Girl scout cookies are cheap garbage

-Trump continues on..HOW IS THIS HAPPENING?

-Staceys boring headlines



Feb 22, 2016

- Apple vs FBI, who's going to win this fight..and who should?

- Hurt feelings report, oh great..another parent is offended

- X-Files, are these two a couple? hmmmm

- Stupid Bristol is mad a Tina Fey

- Other things that happened last week brought to you by Stacey. It's awesome!



Feb 15, 2016

- The sweet sweet soundg of two black holes  colliding..know what I mean?

- mmmm nude yoga

- chocolate ... Am I right?

- Flexing Erics golden pipes singing to Stacey

- Flint water

- Tossin eggs at mum


Feb 8, 2016

- When the laughs start, it can be hard to stop

- Plane bomber

- Talking movies with Chris Crespo. If you're a fan of movies and you don't listen to his show, it's time to fix that. Go to and subscribe.

- #CrazyPantsPalin

Feb 1, 2016

- Good bye Facebook

- Chants at High School sports

- Vaping

- Lazy parents

- Good bye TarpMan