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Apr 24, 2016

- Good bye Prince

- Cory Taylor does Purple Rain

- Flint water charges

- A redneck rescue in a big ol truck

- Mad mad pervert teacher


Apr 20, 2016

- Better call Saul fanale

- Johnny Depp and Amber heard are taken hostage

- Donald Trump impressions by kids

- Canadas got a smart guy in charge

- Heres whats wrong with high schools

- Old lady tries a Tesla

- A 7-11 guy who really doesnt want to work there vs drunk dude


1-262-299-0205 voice mail

Hear the show first!...

Apr 17, 2016

- Erics got a new hobby

- Mad cabbies

- Flea plays the national anthem ..its bad

- Smart car tipping, its wrong but really funny

- AMC to allow texting during movies?

- Should overweight people buy to seats on a flight?

- Should Amy Schumer buy two seats on a flight?

- Crazy pants Sarah Palin is at it...

Apr 14, 2016

- A nice stress free drive to Chicago

- N.C. Religious laws

- Star Wars new trailer

- Joy Bryant is mad mad

- Birthday parties and the inlaws