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Jun 30, 2018

Man this sucks, we keep losing awesome musicians. We open with the news of Vinnie Paul of Pantera and Hellyeah passing away. Then on to the usual random nonsense. 

How does anyone run into a parked car in a parking lot? Dumb or careless?

Space Force! If Trump can start a space force without actual space ships or a way...

Jun 24, 2018

-Yes it's that time again, that time when I decide I'm going to learn guitar..spend a bunch of money..then quit in about 6 months. Do it every ten years or so. We discuss it, and I find out how cool Stacey is about it! 

News things

-A Hawaii volcano update

-Burger Kings World Cup idea goes horribly wrong

-We may be...

Jun 16, 2018

Hey there buddy, how ya doin? Good good, glad to hear it. Hope you caught the show on Friday.. but if you missed it, here's the talkie parts ...

- Getting so wasted at a concert you don't actually enjoy the concert.

- A dumb dumb gets her head stuck in an exhaust pipe. 

- Metallica receives the...

Jun 2, 2018

Hey kids! So here's whats happening, we decided to end the podcast "Talking Nonsense". Why? Well, honestly...we got burnt out on the news. The amount of B.S. politics to crawl through got to be super frustrating. Politics suck, people are looking for an escape from that stuff. SOOO here's what we're doing. We're going...