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Sep 30, 2018

So much nonsense this week, here's some stuff we talked about during Fridays show. 

- Trump gets laughed at, by the world. 

- Best friends of 50 years get into a fight over Bruno Mars

- Do absolutely no homework, its're still gonna get 50%

- Corey Taylor talks about his most disappointing Stone Sour album


Sep 23, 2018

Weird news..yup, we got it. Crude humor, got that too. Enjoy!

Sep 16, 2018

The new iPhone is on its way, so what does that mean for pop pop Eric who thinks they have gotten just too damn big? Probably just a. lot of complaining about it.



Sep 9, 2018

Hey! Heres some stuff we talked about. 

-Erics jury duty fun

-Random news nonsense

-How twitter is a hell hole

-A news story about a plane with Vanilla Ice on it had an issue with vomit...which of course led us to the latest "Not Dead Yet" podcast..yes, this podcast talked about another podcast and why you should listen...

Sep 3, 2018

Hey there! Hope you all enjoyed the long weekend, nothing but rain and heat here in S.E. WI, which was awesome! Take that Harley riders and your dumb anniversary rally. Now beat it and take your flies with you. 

So here's what was discussed last Friday on "On Random"

Really dumb laws that exist for like, no...