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Jul 27, 2017

So some guy got all weird when he heard our review of the new Styx album..which is awful by the way, probably worse than the new Nickelback. Check that out at  

Then we got into some news things, I already can't remember what they were, but who cares? Does anyone actually read show notes?...

Jul 13, 2017

Hello all! In todays show! 

- It's time for Erics 20th HS reunion, and man does he feel old.

- Great moments in local news

- KTLA reporter gets a terrible surprise on the job

- an iPhone 8 update that is sure to make Eric mad as hell

- Mike Pence visits NASA

- Nevada is running out of pot

- A new high temp record?


Jul 5, 2017

Well, sorry about that. It's been a while, long story short. Computer blew up, everything lost, bought new computer and started all over. So here ya go!