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Nov 25, 2018

Hey, can't really remember what we discussed during this episode. There was a lot of rum and egg nog flowing. Good times...I think. I do know we stayed away from news this week and just went for it. Enjoy! Or don't. 

Nov 18, 2018

Hey! Here's some stuff we talked about. 

- California fires

- UFO sightings

- From Florida or somewhere else?

- The best of "Next Door"

Nov 10, 2018

Oh hey, how goes it? Here's some stuff we talked about. 

- Ghost live at the Sylvee in Madison was awesome!

- the 2018 elections

- the weird random people who can probably vote, and why you should cancel them out

- and some other stuff I already can't remember

Nov 3, 2018

Show notes? You want show notes? Just listen! Its a podcast..for your ear holes.