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Jul 18, 2016

Hey hey! We're back! It's really only been a week but feels like forever.

So much has changed since our last episode, so real's whats going on.

 - No longer on Alt 360 Radio, nothing against the station at all..just scheduling wasn't exactly working out and we felt it was hurting the show. We are...

Jul 3, 2016

Hey all! Happy 4th of July! WOOOO 'Merica!

-NASAs Juno spacecraft is all up in Jupiters stuff!

-Other random sounds (that drives Eric up a freaking wall)

-The Locness monsta is dead!?!?! He gonna need about tree fiddy

-POMO, we got it

-Another mad pooper

-Some thoughts on Brexit from a fellow FM2 podcaster and proper...