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Mar 30, 2019

Hello! In todays show Eric and Stacey talk about , 

- How a single podcast episode of random news got 11,000 downloads

- The Wilhelm Scream

- A plane lands at the wrong airport

- Drunk Amazon shopping

- The Powerball winners, it wasn't us

- Some other Random Nonsense


Mar 25, 2019

Quick News from

Mar 22, 2019

Hey! Hows things? So I figured I'd throw this pod version of On Random out a bit early since we took last week off. I'm also curious about something.. so yes, you are all an experiment right now. I'll report my findings next week. Cool, on to the notes..

- Stuff, its just not made well anymore

- Is this story from...

Mar 10, 2019

In todays "just the talkie bits podcast" from Fridays On Random..well we had mic issues. You won't hear them, but it sent us off the rails. So there ya go.