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Sep 28, 2017

(Yes Im aware of the choppy weird cracking sound and I'm  working on the issue..made me mad as hell)

Star Trek Discovery / The Orville

Last Saturday was the end of the world, I must have missed it

That old blanket is worth what!?!

Is this racist? Man United chant

Staceys Very British Headline

The Mad Pooper

Trump vs the...

Sep 19, 2017

- Stupid Irma messes up Florida

- A weatherman poofs on air

- the new iPhone X

- The case of the monkey selfie is settled 

- Real clowns mad as hell at the movie IT

- Ted Cruz likes step mom porn

- Fat burgs of London 

- Goodbye Cassini

Sep 4, 2017

-AHHH Hurricane Irma is on its way! 

-Hurricane Harvey updates

-Chemical plant explosions

-JJ Watt raises all kinds of money

-Signals from space! 

-Now why did they say that game


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