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Oct 29, 2016

A more laid back show with Chris Crespo from

Talking about the new "Logan" trailer, other super hero movies..scifi stuff and whats coming out soon! Check it out!


Oct 23, 2016

-Nerd core hip hop

-Note 7s still melting down

-Police clown videos

-zombie hunters

-the PCP hero

-Trump and Hillary on SNL

-Yeah! Science nipples

-Twitter was down, and people lost their mind!


Oct 12, 2016

- "As a mom" mom gets her rap on

- Hot mic! Always assume that mic is on!

- Trump stuff

- Turn off that note 7

- Clowns! This time in Milwaukee

- mmmm thats good chicken head

- All the sniffs

- Meet Ken Bone

Oct 3, 2016

-Religious people are obsessed with the BH

-SNL takes on the first presidential debate

-Rudy Giuliani defends the Donald

-More creepy clowns!

-Goodbye Rosetta