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Jun 26, 2016

- An 8th grader gives a speech at a graduation and kills it!

- Dust bunny waffles

- Brexit remorse

- Chris Crespo calls in to talk some movies and how Orlando is doing a few weeks after the Pulse shooting.

Check out his podcast and many many movie reviews right here!


Jun 19, 2016

- Poor poor timing for a promoted tweet

- Nude moons all over my hammy at the Waffle House

- Bill OReilly talks to Colbert about gun laws

- Anderson Cooper destroys Pam Bondi on LGBT support

- One Orlando Donate to Orlando here


Jun 13, 2016

- Fat Axl Rose

- Danzig Memes

- Crazy old man sings Bodies

- An Obama slow jam

- Cartoon Trump


Jun 5, 2016

- Ali

- Trump stuff

- Hillary stuff

- Paul Ryan stuff

- A 6 year old calls 911 on his dad

- $2 bail

- Dbag pays ticket with pennies

- Peenado


Jun 2, 2016

- its hard to adult

- the dead 800 pound gorilla in the room

- the passive aggressive tv sports guy

- a new zika warning

- what is this country looking up on the google?