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Feb 20, 2017

Yeah Science!!! Space X launches a falcon 9 rocket and lands the first stage in the coolest way possible!

Return of the woolly mammoth

A new continent!

Trumps blasts the news media

A sad day for Sweden, probably

Do not go chucking rocks at things you dislike!




Feb 13, 2017

The worst parking ticket of all time

SnowSquatch caught on camera

F off Piers Morgan

SNL Kellyanne

Real Kellyanne

Take your wares elsewhere Ivanka


Feb 7, 2017

- Not so much Trump this week, we need a break

- Patriotic Chicken

- Kellyanne, just stop talking

- A live cockroach crawled up what?

- Thats not a good place to keep your snake

- Should the day after that game be a national holiday?