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Mar 29, 2017

- Erics office mad pooper

- IRS scam

- Does Shaq really think the Earth is flat? (hint, no..because he's not freaking stupid!)

- That whole TrumpCare thing didn't really go to who's to blame? Everybody!

- US mens National team and some MLS news with Stacey

- "Now why did they say that" game




Mar 22, 2017

Hey all! so I was told by some top people that I should spend a bit more time on show notes... so I'll give it a shot. 

In todays show! Eric joins the planetary society and uses that fact to annoy Stacey whenever possible. 

Chuck Berry, the man who stole Marty McFlys sound has passed away after a pretty good run....

Mar 12, 2017

What a fun day this turned out to be! We got an invite to chat it up with Nick and Ty from the Beats and Eats podcast..and just like before, that conversation went everywhere! 

We talked all kinds of news and nonsense. Of course Trump came up, the election in general.. Richard Simmons, podcasting, how creepy Facebook...

Mar 9, 2017

Zombie Radio hack

Another "As a mom" mom is mad about some stupid crap

Girl scout cookies suck

Crazy old man thinks his phones are tapped, and he happens to be the Pres.



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Mar 1, 2017

Subway chicken is freakin gross!

Bill Paxton storm chaser tribute

Bees whoop

UFC fighter gotta boo boo

Parkour idiot falls down a chimney

Trappist 1 planets!

Good bye stupid monopoly thimble

witches plan on curing Trump or something

Alternative facts

A pollution bill...not what you think it is

YouTube comment game!