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Apr 5, 2017

Sometimes you just gotta step away from the politics and take a look at all the other weird stuff going on in the world. So thats what we did! 

There was a crazy list of "weird" things left in Uber cars, Eric..being a former auto detailer says nay nay! Car detailers and techs have seen waaaaay weirder things in customer cars. Nasty, nasty things. 

SPIDERS!!! If they so chose, could end us. And they are freaking everywhere! (looking at you right now, no seriously)

Heads up central Florida, some psychopaths killer snake is on the loose, check your toilets! 

A woman blames Bigfoot for her car wreck..because she is an idiot.

Some trump stuff...nothing too serious. 

Ball Watching! Eric and Staceys new soccer / football is right after stick around! 

Talk to ya next week!