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Mar 11, 2018

- How a mug from legendary radio host Tommy from the Not Dead Yet podcast changed our lives

- 4k TV, almost as life changing as that mug

- The Hot Coil Challenge

- Rick Perry... dumb dumb

- Rick Scott, not as bad as Rick Perry

- 21 year old cereal, gross

- Sad news for beer lovers

- Staceys Headline of the Week? Nope,...

Feb 28, 2018

Paul and Dave are back to review Black Panther! Before that Eric and Stacey run  their mouths about Star Trek things. Enjoy!

Feb 21, 2018

Hey there, little off format this shootings tend to do that.

-NASCAR Daytona 500 and its many many terrible commercials

-Gun control in this country..ugh

-Pot cookies

-An eye full of worms

Feb 13, 2018

Space X launches the Falcon Heavy, sends a Tesla roadster to Mars..ish

Dummies of the week

Meth Burritos 

Trumps hair flap

A failed rocket bike

We say goodbye to Pebbles the tiny hamster