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Nov 10, 2018

Oh hey, how goes it? Here's some stuff we talked about. 

- Ghost live at the Sylvee in Madison was awesome!

- the 2018 elections

- the weird random people who can probably vote, and why you should cancel them out

- and some other stuff I already can't remember

Nov 3, 2018

Show notes? You want show notes? Just listen! Its a podcast..for your ear holes. 

Oct 28, 2018

Hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween, enjoy this time people..we are about to be assaulted by Christmas ads, snow, Starbucks cup outrage, and end of year car deals. Things are about to suck. 

Oct 13, 2018

Show notes...ugh, so tired. 

Sep 30, 2018

So much nonsense this week, here's some stuff we talked about during Fridays show. 

- Trump gets laughed at, by the world. 

- Best friends of 50 years get into a fight over Bruno Mars

- Do absolutely no homework, its're still gonna get 50%

- Corey Taylor talks about his most disappointing Stone Sour album