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Jun 2, 2018

Hey kids! So here's whats happening, we decided to end the podcast "Talking Nonsense". Why? Well, honestly...we got burnt out on the news. The amount of B.S. politics to crawl through got to be super frustrating. Politics suck, people are looking for an escape from that stuff. SOOO here's what we're doing. We're going to take our music radio show, bump it up to 2 hours and add more fun stuff! What that is exactly.. not sure yet, but we'll take the talkie parts from the show and post it as a podcast right here. Of course we'd love you to hear it live on every Friday at 6pm cst and get the full effect with music, but hey..downloads aint bad either! Have a request? Leave a voicemail at 1-262-299-0205 or @360OnRandom on the Twitter. (I have to play whatever it is, it's a rule...just be cool bro)

Talk to ya next week!