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Oct 30, 2017

Hey all, So yeah..we've been gone for a while. Life, it gets in the way sometimes. In todays show!

- Eric discovers he has an uncle thats a fan of Alex Jones..ugh

- The Carolina Reaper single chip challenge 

- Halloween decorations going too far? 

- Of course politics are going to get involved this Halloween, why wouldn't it?

- Today we introduce new segment (that we hope lasts more than one episode..RIP Ball Watching) Welcome to the show, Big Kids Playground! Paul and or Dave will be reviewing all things geeky/tech/movies/TV/Music/Gaming..whatever they are into at the time. Today, Paul reviews Thor - Ragnarok (its about 35min in if you just came to check that out, which is totally cool with me) 

- We close it all out with a round of "Now why did they say that?"


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