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May 3, 2017

Ah so much to complain about today! We really didn't get too deep into the news because sometimes ya just need to blow off a bit of steam. 

We first had to work through a mystery that's been bothering me. We have a number of downloads from a FM station in Cali and can't figure out why. 

We talk about the worst type of music to play at a car or motorcycle dealership, which of course reminded me of THE DOGS!

I have a few examples of the annoying animals that I share an office with. 

There was some news type stuff in there somewhere...something about unicorn frappichino, I actually have no idea how to spell that, I also just realized I never had to spell that before and quite possibly never will again so I won't both learning or correcting it. Is it even a real word or is it some gibberish Starbucks made up like their cup sizes? 

There was something about a brozo that got held up at a Jimmy Johns

We also talked some soccer after the show!

Talk to ya next week!