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May 29, 2017

Today on the show! Local cowboy hat loving David Clarke steals someones work for his homeland security thesis. The pope calls Donald Trump fat pretty much to his face, why you should never eat ANYTHING from a gas station and more!

-Men in rompers, I hate you, I hate everything about you.

-Sheriff Clarke and his dumb little pins

-Confederate statues are being removed, and some southerners are damn mad about it

-Donald Trumps goes on a tour to insult other nations on their turf, while his wife avoids holding his hand.

-The Pope calls Trump fat, but in a joking way

-Eating nacho cheese from a gas station will never end well

-A drunk man goes for a ride on the back of someones car 

-A woman fights back against car jackers by using action movie techniques 

-Why all you drone people are ruining it for everyone else

-Headline of the week goes to whatever the heck Anal Tech is and what plowed it. 

Talk to ya next week!