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Mar 22, 2017

Hey all! so I was told by some top people that I should spend a bit more time on show notes... so I'll give it a shot. 

In todays show! Eric joins the planetary society and uses that fact to annoy Stacey whenever possible. 

Chuck Berry, the man who stole Marty McFlys sound has passed away after a pretty good run. We gloss over the stories that involved an odd thing he was into while enjoying time with hookers..well, kinda glossed. 

Some people want to make it harder to get a divorce in Texas. As a couple people who got rid of our practice spouses, we're not really thinking this is a good idea. 

McDonalds had their Twitter account hacked (yeah, right) and gave Trump the old what for.

Snoop Dogg had his own way of expressing his opinion of the Donald, probably not his best idea. 

New Monopoly pieces! Piss off thimble! 

A new segment! MLS (soccer) news from the weekend. Why? Because old dinosaur sports reporters don't.

We close it all out with the YouTube quote game! 

Thanks for checking out the show! 

You can leave us a voice mail at 1-262-299-0205 We may even use it on the show! Until next week..have a good one!