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Jun 11, 2017

On today's show, Kathy Griffins dumb stunt is still making headlines. James Comey had his day of questioning which was all well and good, until John McCain got his turn. It got weird, and we lost a all around good dude this weekend, Adam West. 

OK, here's the highlights

- Adam West passes away at 88

- Kathy Griffin, yup..that didn't go well.

- Is John McCain ok?

- Covfefe, what is it? I'm sure Spicy will explain that it was all just a weird late night accidental typing thing right?

- Rouge NASA "covfefe..when the walls fell"

- Geese, do not trust them!

 - A man kills his mother, then takes her head to the grocery store

- Bed bugs as a weapon, ugh..people are terrible

- A Canadian man cares not for your puny tornado, grass needs cutting! 


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